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How to cleanse your skin

It’s important that we take good care of our skin, in order to keep our skin as healthy as possible.

This is especially if you’re treating acne, and want to avoid aggravating your skin in any way.

Our skin is the most visible organ we’ve got, and one that really does reflect how healthy we are on the inside. So we need to keep healthy from within. But our skin is also the only organ that’s exposed to the outer environment as much as the inner one.

So this is where proper care and cleansing of our skin comes in.

Here are some simple tips for how to cleanse your skin, especially if you’re prone to acne.

Use a non drying soap solution. Regular soaps strip the skin of all of its natural oils which are there toprotect the skin and keep it resilient. You want to get rid of excess sebum build up, but you don’t want to strip the skin of all its oils. So use a mild non drying soap from the pharmacy, like the ones designed for sensitive or eczema skin.

Use warm water to wash. If the water is hot, it will dehydrate your skin making it prone to damage. If too cold, it can also dry the skin, as well as causing the pores to close so that you get less of a cleansing effect.

Be very gentle on your skin. Excessive rubbing or scrubbing stimulates oil production from your skin’s sebaceous glands and can worsen your acne and increase the number of pimples. So clean gently. Afterwards pad dry, not rub, with a clean towel.

Use a toner. If you find your skin a bit dry still after cleansing, especially in winter, you can use a non perfumed toner to keep the skin firm and smooth. Avoid toners with alcohol as they will dry and irritate the skin, sometimes causing inflammation. It will help retain moisture and keep it more protected throughout the day.

If needed, use a mild moisturiser. For those with acne and prone to dry skin at the same time (this is common), use Aloe Vera oil as a moisturiser, especially during dry winter conditions. Doing this will help keep your skin intact and protected.

So keep to a simple and gentle cleansing routine for your skin.

Your skin will thank you for it now, and in the long run

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