Top 10 Must-Know Facts about Acne

Acne is one of the most prevalent skin issues in people of both genders. It can start out as a small bump and level up to be a completely painful experience. Underconfidence in social gatherings, redness, and itching are only a few of the problems that tag along with acne. It can be the worst nightmare of several individuals out there – and that too for all the right reasons. 

Thankfully, it is curable and there are many good ways you can target and get rid of the sensitive bumps.

But not many are aware of the right facts about Acne. In an attempt to cure the condition, we accept anything and everything published on the World wide web. We blindly adopt the home remedies that run in the family. The approach to treating acne depends upon the ‘type’ of acne that is haunting you. Well, do you know there are 6 of them?

Along with that tiny information, there are so many new things you can know about Acne that might surprise you or even make you bounce up from your couch!  

Here are some facts that will burst the popular myths and give you the right idea about the common skin problem – 

10. Oily Diet cannot cause acne

There is a popular belief that eating oily food, pizzas, fries or carbonated drinks causes acne. But this is not the case. Bad food habits affect your body as a whole but studies have shown that they do not have a targetted influence on breakouts. Eating junk food will not cause or aggravate acne.

Eating chocolates is not an issue either. In fact, consuming dark chocolate in limited amounts can be very beneficial for your health. Overconsumption of added sugars can make acne more prominent but not chocolates in general.

Drinking more water will flush out toxins from the body and also help to clear out the pores, which is why it is advised to take more water along with healthy food that promotes metabolism. 

9. Acne is not related to age

People of all ages can be affected by acne and though we see it more prominently in puberty years, it doesn’t mean the teens are the only ones who suffer from it. Even middle-aged people and the ones in their 60s can develop acne. 

The main reason why acne and breakouts knock on your door is because of the accumulation of dirt, sebum, and bacteria in the pores. This can happen with anyone and that includes men and women.

8. Oils aggravate Acne

The accumulated dirt, sebum, and bacteria cause acne. Adding more oil to the already existing sebum can make the situation worse. This is why applying night oils is not a wise decision for the ones who have acne. Also, the makeup products with oil will also cause more breakouts because you will be leaving them on the face for a long time. Even moisturizers, scrubs, and creams with oils can irritate the acne and inflammations.

7. Popping acne will worsen them

Seeing those bumps on the face, people feel the urge to pop them. But popping pimples or acne means opening the pores and exposing them to dirt and bacteria. More bacteria means increased inflammation and even more acne. 

 The practice of popping pimples without the help of a certified dermatologist will also increase the chances of permanent acne scars which are too stubborn to get rid of 

6. Sun is not always an enemy

Exposure to direct sunlight is the root cause of many problems. Your skin will start aging prematurely, and you will also experience skin inflammation when you stay under the harsh rays for long. This condition gets even worse when you have acne. Acne-prone skin gets inflamed and irritated very easily and that paves way for more skin breakouts.

But sunlight can also be a tool in treating acne! It depends upon when you are saying ‘Hi’ to that burning ball of energy in the sky.

The early morning sun rays can be the right therapy for your acne issue. Remember to use an oil-free sunscreen before heading out and you will notice a natural shine and healthiness in your face, that is often lost because of acne invasion. Keep the duration short – 10 minutes is all you need.

5. Stress hormone triggers Acne

CRH or Corticotrophin-releasing hormone is responsible for increasing the acne condition. Whenever a person is stressed, this hormone is released in the body. It goes and attaches to the sebaceous glands on the skin and increases the oi production.

The accumulation of oil on the skin will cause more acne breakouts and make the existing ones worse. So, worrying and stressing about your acne can actually cause more of it! 

Moreover, sebaceous glands are also part of the defense team of the body. Stress will activate the flight and fight responses of the body and that can also trigger the release of oil from the sebaceous glands. 

4. Washing the face more frequently won’t cure Acne 

Though acne is caused because of accumulated oils and dirt in the pores, washing the face fervently won’t solve the problem. In fact, it can get even worse than it already is. Using harsh face washes and cleaning your skin more often can strip it off of the natural oils that are needed to keep the skin shining and hydrated. 

Dry skin can cause itching, irritation and if the situation continues, the pimples and acne will start to be more painful. 

3. Blackheads are a form of Acne

The black bumps that spoil the even look of your face are also a form of acne. These are usually caused because of the clogging of hair follicles and tend to appear more clearly because of the black color. 

They are not just restricted to the nose and can affect the chin, sides of the face and also the back. 

2. Facials can make Acne worse

People rush to the salons to get cleanups and facials with extravagant creams. BUt the composition of the facial creams has to be chosen carefully. If they have essential oils or mineral oils, the condition can get worse. Not all essential oils are helpful to cure acne, some might increase the inflammation.

The facial strokes that the beautician gives to the skin during the facial procedure can irritate the acne and make the pain worse. The pimples can get popped accidentally and this will lead to dark skin and acne scars. 

1. There is no overnight cure to Acne

The Pimple creams and lotions promise results in a week or some even go so far as to promise overnight results. But this is a huge myth! Acne requires varied treatments, sometimes in combinations, and it will take at least 2 weeks to see evident results. Treating acne involves perseverance, patience, and a calm mind.  

Even to see the slightest difference, you have to wait for a week post the starting of the acne treatment. 

Being aware of these simple but effective facts about Acne will help anyone deal with their skin problems – that too, without taking too much tension. After all, Knowledge is power.

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